Your own Self- Realization is the greatest service you can render the world. ~ Ramana Maharshi
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The witness of your own existence

The witness of your own existence

The power of now is a term that gets thrown around alot. It moves beyond a simple trend of being present and genuinely has an immense power in the way it can heal you by pulling you out of your wheel of thought. We just need to get out of our own way to allow healing and happiness to seep through. 

I’ve been pondering something different lately, what I consider to be the next step to presence - although of course presence is the first layer to this cake. 

It's time to drag your attention onto something that is extremely powerful to your spiritual awakening. 

I call it - and others before me call it ‘Witnessing presence’ this is the simple superhuman power of being the unbiased witness of your own existence. 

It's like watching a movie, you see the drama, the excitement and the trauma and you sit comfortably witnessing and enjoying the play that's unfolding before you.

It's the strong position of simply allowing all ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without feeling the need to drag yourself too deeply into it by manipulating situations, protecting yourself and shutting down your heart. 

When you dream at night, often you can see yourself in the dream. You move differently in the world you find yourself in, you can actually see your form instead of being your form. It's you but slightly less identified with being that particular body.

This is an insightful stance, it offers you freedom and a sense of handing over your life to the higher power and accepting all that is to come your way without resistance. 

If you haven't already noticed from your own experience is that your life is actually designed to challenge you, grow you, and crack your heart wide open.

So I invite you to play with this, allowing presence but also witnessing presence into your practice, because life is far too short and magic to let it slip by without exploring what these two perspectives could unravel for you.

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