Your own Self- Realization is the greatest service you can render the world. ~ Ramana Maharshi


In my late teens I began to see through the destructiveness of the way we live today;  from the way we eat, think, how we treat others and how we manage our own emotions. 

I realised that nothing outside of myself could make me happy - permanently. Not endless money, the perfect boyfriend or career or even your own family. 

I radically changed my diet and began healing my body over time with nourishing foods and completely cutting out alcohol, all animal products, refined sugars and gluten and replacing them with organic fruit and veg, fresh vegetable juices and healing herbs. Over time my body began to heal and renew after years of gut issues, fatigue and malnutrition. 

I regularly visited a Reiki healer and began doing the work to clean up my subconscious beliefs and get out of my sticky mindsets that are so limiting. 

I was lucky enough to meet a very wise yogi who became a huge idol to me and I began to see him as my mentor. He taught me to meditate and make this ancient practice my absolute priority and to watch the magic unfold. 

And it did. 

Through making meditation my life's priority I got to know myself, my triggers and passions.

I experienced the true love and deep happiness that can arise from within - when you just sit with yourself and go beyond your stories. It’s the kind of happiness that doesn't come and go, it can exist and hold its ground throughout the highs and lows of your life.  

I knew then with all my being that happiness is something that comes from within, it lives in all of us waiting under the debris of negative thought patterns, bad habits, incorrect stories and belief systems.

We can live in complete harmony with ourselves, the planet and all beings and yet go completely beyond it.

When you live in harmony with everyone and everything, life unfolds for you far more beautifully in your favour. 

After years of studying the arts of Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong and emotional releasing techniques I want to share with you what I know for certain will make you limitlessly happy. 

Lainie x 
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